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Is Coding the New Literacy?

“Young people today have lots of experience… interacting with new technologies, but a lot less so of creating [or] expressing themselves with new technologies. It’s almost as if they can read but not write”
Mitchel Resnick — Director of the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab

Why Teach Kids to Code?

In 2014, programming was introduced in English schools for children from the age of five. All over the world schools are seeing the importance of teaching this skill to young students. We are surrounded by technology. It’s hard to imagine a life without software usage today. Every piece of technology from the digital alarm clock that wakes you up in the morning to your smartphones and the car you drive, is controlled by software that was programmed by a developer.

What Do We Teach?

At codebotics we make coding fun! The foundations we use ensure kids enjoy, progress and fall in love with programmimg. By looking "under the hood," kids learn that a computer is a powerful tool - one they can use to create amazing projects of their own. Imagine building your own website, creating a video game, or wow-ing your teacher with an amazing science project. Our classes lay the foundation for a positive relationship with technology.

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